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Runescape Jones Was The Best System Is Equipped With A Shortcut

Mar-22-2014 PST

Epic masterpiece yet cool than Gold Cloth

In Runescape , the quality of equipment is divided into white blue yellow green purple and purple equipment , and was divided into four grades: " ordinary purple, delicate purple, perfect epic and epic masterpiece ." White and purple equipment first appearance there is a big difference from the property , the white dress and blue dress is without any additional attributes, and purple in addition to four to five additional properties , but also refining the Canadian attack , defense, blood properties. Not only that, there can be purple stone inlay additional properties to increase the capacity of the equipment itself and the basis of numerical figures .


The probability is smaller than the probability of winning ShuangSeQiu

The system will only drop white or blue equipment. If you want to get a green or purple dress , you need to brush roughly 20,000 blame , if you want to get a copy of ordinary epic through the brush BOSS, then you need to brush about 26 copies. BOSS obtained while playing epic masterpiece probability and welfare lottery prize win a fight . Epic masterpiece that you want to get the answer in the " Jones system " . " Jones system," simply put, is to give the player through a series of play usually difficult to get green and purple dress , even the most superb " masterpiece epic " can be obtained . No matter most to force you to rise is the number of class , " Jones system " will run through the player's entire game from start to finish career !


Jones system was equipped with a shortcut purple masterpiece

In Runescape Jones system, the most awesome of course, the number of " Airborne " play, because it will give the players the best of the best weapons for each class , such as the player reaches 65 , you can undergo a series of test tasks, the player after some temper , will be able to get a 65 's masterpiece epic weapons. When a player reaches the appropriate level of 85,105 , etc. , the system will send you the corresponding level career best weapons and purple clothes and this premise is that you have not the guts to accept every piece of equipment for your heavy masterpiece thrills test.