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Runescape Gielinor need players gallery 46

Jul-07-2013 PST

Circulating angel came to a word for the first time. Now the community of talented artists RUNESCAPE for those who have not yet committed to loyalty. If you choose by your side before, now is difficult, it will be almost impossible. - campaign posters to support myself. The watchful Halfingr artistic skill! His evil posters, called "alert", the player's gallery is our undisputed winners. A: congratulations!


We want to highlight at least more than 10 campaign posters, because they are just as good, but to adhere to the rules - only 2 items, we will mention it in our list of the top. One of them is not Teezkut Ogrecide. Excellent design, beautiful color, sleepy. This is what we like it!


Another touches our hearts, so that the community team wall posters of ted, we are profane, recruit those who are with all god. You can check out all other entries, make it on our gallery page. Congratulations on who is doing, especially thank you for your participation!


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