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Runescape Giant Mole will be added on 9th April

Apr-08-2017 PST

Amazing news! Giant Mole will be added on 9th April in Runescape. It will be the hard mode for the players.

Where can you find Giant Mole?

The giant mole is situated in the Falador Mole Lair, under the large plant in the west of Falador Park. What's more, The giant mole has 6 "phases", with the first and last always being the same, and the middle four having a random order each fight. In normal mode, she changes phases after a specific amount of lifepoints, while in hard mode she moves after a random amount (tends to be a similar amount, but can sometimes be much more).

How to attack Giant Mole?

1. The best style to use against her is magic (mostly due to its AoEs for dealing with small moles), however any style works well.

2. She is not immune to poison or reflect damage, so poison and blood necklaces work well.

3. Your standard revolution bar for your style of choice is fine; make sure to save stunning abilities in the north-east corner and the final phase for when she enrages.

4. For prayer, use boosting prayers for your style of choice, and Soul Split for some healing, or if you are the target, you can use Protect from/Deflect Melee to reduce damage.

What can you attain?

She will always drop some big bones, one claw and 1-6 skins. Everyone who participated who also has completed all of the Falador tasks will get a mole nose (you don't need to be wielding or carrying the shield for this). In addition, her special drops are: Clingy mole, Numbing root, Ultra-growth potion (1) and Dragon 2h sword.

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