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Runescape Evil Dave Quest

Nov-30-2017 PST

Crazy news, Runescape Evil Dave Quest has been released. Are you completed the quest? If you not, here is this guide hope to helpful for you.


Evil Dave Quest


First, you need to travel to Edgeville and enter the house south-east of the lodestone. After that you can found at the Basement of DOOM.In there, you need to raise a group of hell mice and smuggle them across the Shantay Pass.


The 1st hell rat: Ask Shantay to open the coconut, add a rat to it, climb the rope and throw it.


The 2nd hell rat is in the barrel. Grab the barrel from the jail cell, and then use the old rug to wrap it, and roll it. That’s it!


The 3rd one: you have to give the diamond to the guards and get a rope, and then use the rop on the coconut tree. Limb up the rope near the guards and throw the coconut with the rat in it.


Special Note:


You must confirm the following requirements to access to Evil Dave Quest. First, be a Runescape Member. Second, Reach at least level 30 in herblore, magic, agility and cooking. At last, complete Recipe For Disaster.


All in all, enjoy your Evil Dave quest is a fun quest, the winners will be received 50k Magic XP, 20k Herblore XP, 20k Agility XP, and 20k Cooking XP and two treasure Hunter keys. Continue to use the discount code BFS6 buy the cheapest RS glod.


Good lucky and Have fun in the new quest.


Rsgoldfast Team