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Runescape Easter Eggs periments vacation Mini Quest

Mar-31-2015 PST

Runescape RS Gold

Easter Eggs-periments marks the come back of the standard vacation mini-quest. Free players and members alike can facilitate the fictional animal filter out a plant jam-packed with hard imps...using some unorthodox ways.


Guthixian butterflies area unit back by fashionable demand, too, for normal and man accounts alike.

Mini-quest and butterflies alike area unit accessible for 2 weeks – till the thirteenth of April.

Read on for full details!

The Easter Bunny's back from his travels, however it's all gone very wrong whereas he is been away.

Imps have troubled the bunny's chocolate plant, and they are refusing to depart till their leader gets what he wants: the jadinko pet of his dreams.

Using your combat, looking or thieving skills – with a spot of dubious experimental science – you will restore the plant to operating order.

Note that the answer to the bunny's problem can disagree between players. Good luck!
Just to egg you on...


Completing Easter Eggs-periments earns you some cracking rewards:

large XP lamp
Jadinko pet
Jadinko slippers feet override
Egg-on-a-fork weapon override
cookery animation override


After the event, you will get 2 a lot of requests from the leader of the imps, every award you with a medium lamp. you'll be able to still train within the plant, too.

Be sure to gather your rewards by the thirteenth of April, as that is once the Easter event involves a detailed.
Guthixian Butterflies

Guthixian butterflies area unit back, wave throughout Gielinor.

RuneScape members – regular and man alike – will earn hearty amounts of XP in their lowest-levelled skills by catching up to twenty butterflies per day.

Catching butterflies may also restore your run energy, or your prayer, life or conjury points. It may also provide slight bonuses to your prayer, life or conjury purpose totals.

If you haven't already, you'll be able to additionally unlock recollections of Guthix, and verify all regarding the slain god's origins.

Have a awfully happy season, and allow us to understand what you're thinking that on the forums.

The RuneScape 'Dukes' Team
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Google Chrome can before long now not support Java. As such, it'll now not be doable to play RuneScape through it. to make sure seamless play, we have a tendency to suggest that Chrome users transfer the RuneScape Game shopper currently. Click here for a lot of info.
The Community Team area unit running associate degree in-game competition to examine United Nations agency will collect the foremost jadinko eggs throughout the Easter Eggs-periments content:
anytime a player collects associate degree egg as a part of the event, it's going to be mechanically counted in their score. No got to formally sign on to enter, or to carry onto the eggs - you'll be able to use them as traditional.
once the event ends on the thirteenth of April, the highest one hundred egg collectors are going to be awarded a brand new title: the Egg-cellent.