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Runescape Duel Arena for free players and members

May-12-2013 PST

Duel Arena has been given a great big graphic touch up, make it reach the Al Kharid rework standard. Go to and your choice of the enemy is in rough masonry and sandblasting rubble to fight, no better than here in RuneScape, able to prove your worth in a PvP battle.

We've made some adjustment, structure, and technology have new special stage for boxing and calling function of a duel, a less visible battle arena, when it is full will automatically start after a duel, so you will always have a place to fight.

If you didn't come before a Duel Arena, has never been a better time than now to take part in the battle. In the arena, you can enjoy PvP combat, without losing your hard-earned gear. Setting their own combat conditions: can you duel agreed project or Runescape Gold, or just enjoy a friendly and bragging rights. You can also set up other conditions: only use melee weapons melee? no problem Think of crossbows at dawn is the only way to solve the dispute of civilization? Can be arranged. You can even request a duellist Estocada cap has a beard, you can upgrade, the frame for you to improve your looks, expression, and the ability to transform ChengYiZun statue commemorating the victory.