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Runescape Dev Jagex Announces 5v5 FPS Prevent N Weight

Nov-21-2014 PST

Jagex, the developer of fantasy MMO Runescape, is working on a new first-person shooter called Prevent N Load.


The cartooney online multi-player shooter is a combination of 5V5 team-based initially-man or woman action and strategic building. Teams build defensive and offensive emplacements before assaulting the opponent base. It appears a bit like Team Fortress 2 matches Minecraft.


6 heroes are available, including Cogwheel, a weapons-obsessed robot; Mexican ninja O.P Juan Shinobi; and Doctor Eliza Doolally, who likes biochemistry. Unlike earlier Jagex game titles, Block N Load is not browser-based, is just not free-to-play and is not an MMO.


You can set your name downward for the beta, scheduled for winter 2014, over on the Block N Load web site. A Vapor release is planned for 2015.