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Runescape Combat Pets Competition

Apr-22-2017 PST

Last year, Ninja team has added the successful introduction of skilling pets into Runescape. But now, based on some player's feedback, Ninja team will make an official competition to design the pet for each of these skills. What's your idea about this competition? If you are interested in it, just submit your idea now! The closing date for submissions is the 9th May!

How to submit your idea?

This submission is not hard. One way is to send a picture of your pet concept to [email protected] with the following:‘Combat Pet Competition’ in the Subject Title, your display name, name of the pet, the skill the pet is for, an illustration of the pet (must be original work, no photos or art taken from elsewhere), and any other details you wish to include. Other one is to submit the image with the hashtag #MyCombatPet on twitter or instagram. Please don't forget the above details.

How the Competition Will Work

1. Submit a pet concept for any of the following skills; Attack, Constitution, Defence, Magic, Prayer, Ranged, Strength or Summoning

2. Ninja Team will pick top 5 for each skill

3. The selected 5 for each skill will be polled in-game.

4. Ninja team will model and animate the winner

5. The pets will be released into the game

Note that if you had submitted your idea earlier, you had better send it again. The submissions are not limited, just remember to submit each idea individually. The image must be original, because it will be using in the polls in-game.

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