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Runescape Combat Beta Update

May-10-2014 PST

There were three stand-out changes from your feedback that have been brought into effect today:

1.Life point bonuses have been removed from the majority of armours – apart from Nex sets and upwards.
2.Critical chance has been removed, in place of strength bonuses that will increase your max hit.
3.Special attack hit chance now scales with your levels.


We've also brought in a batch of changes to abilities:

1.Quake now deals 188% weapon damage and the debuff is more effective.
2.Havoc now drops enemy prayer and deals up to 125% weapon damage, has a    cooldown of 10 seconds and shares that cooldown with Smash.
3.Havoc and Decimate no longer share a cooldown.
4.Wild Magic now deals 40-188% weapon damage with each attack.
5.Slaughter now hits five times.
6.Deadshot and Massacre’s damage-over-time effects now deal 313% weapon damage.
7.Interrupt abilities now always deal up to 100% weapon damage, irrespective of whether your target is stunned.
8.Stun abilities now always deal up to 200% weapon damage, irrespective of whether your target is stunned.
9.Stun immunity no longer affects the damage dealt by interrupt/stun abilities.


Last but not least, here's a list of smaller, more specific changes that we've made today:

1.Scaled healing based on Constitution level has been removed from food.
2.Food now triggers a global cooldown, and no longer drains adrenaline in PvE.
3.Resonance’s healing now scales with the level of shield equipped.
4.Bakriminel bolts' focus can be changed during combat.
5.Poison now takes off-hand weapons into account when dealing damage.
6.Adrenaline bars will now show again in PvP.
7.The abyssal whip special attack now drains 100% run energy.
8.Poisoning the dark energy core at the Corporeal Beast will slow it down.
9.A combat level restriction of plus or minus 40 combat levels has been added to Bounty Hunter.