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Runescape Character team show is here


Runescape Character team show is here

To treat you to a truly special in my shop today - the undead regent Ravenskull, two fine new clothes, their ideas behind the story... Issued a challenge to the role of the artist RUNESCAPE: create a new dress to show your skills, content like RUNESCAPE after never on eyes.Questioned, as a matter of fact, I put forward four creation first two today!


But I don't need to explain these wonderful new project, you can hear directly from the horse's mouth!MOD, behind the design of new talented artists, explained, we know that your membership, customize your look and unique love as much as possible, so we have come up with some special, had never seen the idea of player for us, the first two are undead regent and Ravenskull clothing.


With the undead regent equipment, we want to create some unique vision.We can be sure that we have achieved, you never can become a billionaire former skeleton warriors!Delve into what is already popular game inspired by the Ravenskull equipment - a look at the players really love - whatever the ultimate version.Originally, gothic, vampire style society really accept, so we took with Ravenskull acme.The dark and menacing and uncompromising!


Halloween is the wealth of pure, almost we are one of the most appropriate time to decorate yourself with one of these unique cruel clothing.Don't forget, two from the character team display clothing also will soon follow up these two great creation.Undead regent and Ravenskull clothing stores now, so please don't visit my shop, all the fantastic project, and take a look.If you want to know more RuneCoins, you can exchange the bond in the game.In addition, you can buy extra RuneCoins here, or by clicking on the "buy" Runescape Gold my shop inside. Members free equipment is now fully manchu hair witch facial hair and feathers.

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