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Runescape Behind the Scenes April 2015


Runescape Behind the Scenes April 2015

Our big update this month is rather fishy a little too fishy perhaps, but what else would you expect to find in your very own, customisable aquarium! One so big you can even dive into it yourself! It’s a brand new addition to your in-game house, requiring 63 construction to set up, and comes with a huge amount of sofishticated things for you to play around with. The aquarium itself can house 14 different aquatic friends, ranging from the lowly trout to rsgoldfast the mighty rocktail, with all your favourite lobsters, sharks, and even lava eels fin between.


To add a fish, you’ll need to find their golden fish eggs, found randomly as you fish. There’s plenty of ways to increase your chances of finding them too, especially the new prawn ball, which is also the best way to get the fantastic decorations for your fishies’ home. We’ve got tiny versions of white wolf mountain and Vorago to name a few, and even some unique plugs in case you want to start all over again. Whilst building it up, you’ll dolphinately gain access to a bunch of great fishing perks, especially the brand new great white shark, which you can fish, cook, eat, keep as a pet, plaice in your aquarium and even turn into sushi. YUM. Plus, 3 special new cosmetic diver’s suits and a new piece of music for you to tuna in too.


Vic the trader (free and members)

Vic the Trader is back in April, opening his shop up for anyone willing to trade in their bonus XP for some cool loot. He’s got lots of the items you might have missed from treasure hunter like skill outfits and golem parts, or you can simply trade your bonus XP for real lamps. We’ve made some changes to the exchange rates too, making them even more generous in places, and added a few new things too, like the great little mimic pet. Vic is only going to be here for a short amount of time, so go see him when you get the chance!


Event Tools Update (free and members)

It’s fun to spend some time wasting XP and playing around with your favourite J-mods, but our old rotten potato tool wasn’t really giving us all the tools we wanted to get the most out of our super J-mod powers. The DEVCOM team has managed to fix it up, making it far less rotten and much more awesome. In fact we’ve even added a few new ways to allow you to skill n’ chill. How do you fancy lodestones that let you get to where the party’s at, straight from the world map? How about we place a few World Event style skilling nodes for you, so you can get a range of XP as you hang about asking questions? As you may have seen on the RuneScape TV stream a few weeks ago, we’ve been building some new event tools too, so this month you’ll be able to join a special J-mod run version of world event 1, playing faction based safe PvP for the honour of your favourite god, fighting or gathering for victory!


From BETA to Live (Members only)

We’ve got a few new things to try out on in BETA, not least the new death mechanics we’ve been talking about on the forums and a new way of collecting loot. All going well, the Legacy/EoC mashup feature should be making it's way to the live game this month. This lets you to choose the combat and interface modes independently, for example allowing you to run Legacy combat with the New Interface System, or Legacy interfaces with EoC. Thanks for the feedback you provided on the features being tested on the BETA servers so far.


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