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Runescape Battle armor is coming with the release of rs 3

Jul-25-2013 PST

Lumbridge battle has started, the two sides have selected. Whatever your choice of camp, you will want to fly to your flag proudly, that my latest appearance. I give you my battle armor. Armor glittering and solid, the colossus meaningful due to its wearer's dedication. Titans armor is reminiscent of the brave, courage, and mental images - all the metal protection shell, of course. Beast armor sports sharp edges and most lethal spike intimidation, and those looking for a magnificence, beating - RAM may be in the quality of their armored armor qi qi beast.

Each including a armor cover at the helm, body, legs, gloves and boots. The colossus and cloak behemoth set also comes with cover. No matter which side, you play, as a professional in this fantastic armor set. Battle wear and marked with the trauma of war, these versions are to fight for those who look more like hardening.

8 sets of armor can now be found from my site, so please don't place the order as soon as possible at your convenience. If you want to buy additional Runescape, you can do that, in our web site click on the "Buy Runescape Gold".