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Runescape Achievement Update and Seasonal Hiscores Relaunch

Aug-31-2017 PST

As Balthazar's Big Raffle has already kicked off, this week runescape brings achievement update and seasonal hiscores relaunch.


Achievement Update


The UI with a slick new layout and a streamlined user flow including a host of new Paths to guide players through Gielinor will be improved. Furthermore, RuneScore will be added in game to calculate the amount of your achievements. New achievements will be focused around PvM plus a new subcategory to help you navigate.


Seasonal Hiscores Relaunch


The seasonal hiscores will be relauched, such as Queen Black Dragon - fastest kill time match Dragonracer, Araxxi (solo) - fastest kill time match Arachnofoe, Nex (solo)- fastest kill time match Nexpert, Telos (200% + enrage) - fastest kill time match Animaster, Fastest dungeon (solo, medium dungeon, complexity 6, no guide mode, max bonus rooms) match Dungeon Speedster, Fastest group dungeon (five people, large dungeon, complexity 6, no guide mode, max bonus rooms) match Speedy Dungeoneer.


Each of the hiscores will last for seven days, and recur over eight weeks in total. The winner of each hiscore will receive the Supreme title, the crown of supremacy and the hiscore unique title in gold. The top 100 players for each hiscore will receive the hiscore unique title in silver. There are now icons in-game that provide details of active hiscores you can compete for. These will appear both on the instance creation interface for bosses and the Dungeoneering starter interface.


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Rsgoldfast Team