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Runeacape New Slayer Boss Grotesque Guardians

Jul-21-2017 PST

This week, Runescape new slayer boss Grotesque Guardians will be added into game. Jagex said Grotesque Guardians is set to release late August. Let's grasp some information for this.


Requirements of Grotesque Guardians


Grotesque Guardians are required level 75 for Jagex want to bring more excitement to a Gargoyle task and mid-level Slayer boss.


You will receive a rare, brittle key droped from gargoyles on death on gargoyle slayer task. If you use the brittle key on the roof's door located on the tower's 2nd floor, you will get the key permanently unlocked the Slayer Tower roof. In this way, you can face the Grotesque Guardians in place of regular gargoyles.


Drops of Grotesque Guardians


You can get the drops of granite dust increasing the max hit from 30 to 35. Granite dust can be used to create granite-coated cannonballs. There is no requirements when you combine the two.


You also can get a rare drop from Grotesque Guardians -- Black Tourmaline Shards. They can be created Grotesque boots when they are attached to Bandos boots. They provide a strong defensive boost in combat, and offer a noteworthy counterpart to the offensive stats of primordial boots and require 75 Defence to equip.


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