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RuneScapes big 2016 plans include an expansion and graphics upgrade

Aug-18-2016 PST

RuneScape provides extensive years under its belt, and lots of content under its hood. In fact, it’s 15 for the former, and there’s no chance I can possibly list the next succinctly — avoid nearly weekly updates! And the game doesn't have intention of reducing, either. Plenty of new submissions are

coming using the coming year. I sat down with devs inside the special RuneScape 15th anniversary event within the UK yesterday to know in what the long run holds. Lead Designer Dave Osborne shared what he known as “evil master plan,” which included the upcoming mobile and CCG games

together with plenty of new content inside the primary MMO along with old school version. Here’s the lowdown the MMO fans may need to look forward to within the coming months.


One thing Osborn stressed may be the players find who picked the direction within the updates through both forum suggestions and discussions, surveys, and in-game polls. What did players have to visit?


For starters, probably the most visited combat area within the game will get a sequel come March once the devs introduce God Wars Dungeon 2. You can get your multiplayer shooter action on within this dynamic battlefield, face four new multi-staged bosses, and call forth demons to parachute in to

the center within the action to wreak trouble for the enemies. If you aren’t in to the battlefield gameplay, you will observe two new raids to conquer and a new solo boss to defeat.


Crafters rejoice! The next unveiled feature may well be a reworked system making crafting more meaningful. Mining and smithing skills are changing to make certain that players can produce a living creating gear. More than that, they might specialize at ensuring weapons and they're designed for being

the very best in that area. Because crafters can brand their work, you’ll determine if you’ve truly gotten something produced by a master.

RuneScape might even turn the page around the story, bringing the God Wars arc utilizing a close with Sliske’s countdown. A new three-hour quest will likely be introduced every 8 weeks involving the villain Sliske. Toying with players, Sliske turns our planet into a battle within the gods by providing up a

strong artifact to whomever kills probably the most gods, along with player determines which god reaches wield said artifact. More story comes within the form within the conclusion within the 12-year-long vampire quest line together with the beginning within the Gower quest, new special quest based

around the creators of RuneScape themselves.


Although introduced in January, the invention technique is going to play a considerable role in RuneScape customization this season. Devs understand that this new skill has countless hours of content behind it; it allows players the opportunity to customize their weapons, armor, and tools by augmenting

these with abilities. Want a sword that foretells you have to you attack? Done! Or maybe you prefer something more traditional, like adding a bleed in case you strike. There are apparently over 5 trillion and counting permutations for items, so the possibilities are pretty expansive.


Systems and features aren’t the only real incoming changes; you will observe new lands to find out and explore — and then we mean that quite literally. The summer brings The Wushanko Isles expansion, an unexplored archipelago previously only discovered in tales. With so many little islands spread out

within the sea, players may be the first to locate and own different islands, planting a flag and claiming the resources. These isles have Japanese and Polynesian themes.


A very worthwhile feature inside the new expansion area is that it will likely be accessible — and have content for — every quantity of player, inside the brand-spanking new lowbie completely for the uber maxed-out veteran. This will enable those beginning to mingle with long-term players within the

newest content, rather than being locked down in lower-leveled content miles all of the newest action. All players will begin fresh regarding this archipelago, meaning all wealth and notoriety ought to be developed from nothing. Rumor has it'll you defeat the Kraken, it'll impress the locals!


You don’t need to be a hard-core RuneScape player being amazed when using the visual improvements that NXT offers the game. It looks as though the devs experienced and retextured the whole game with additional detail, much more fact all they did was customize the lighting! All within the detail

you'll now see are in fact there, not visible. The environments are crisper plus much more intricate, water is beautiful, along with lighting is dramatic.


On surface of that, the draw distance may well be a lot better! Instead of only seeing the area immediately around your character, you can gaze off in to the distance. I didn’t even realize how impressive the alteration was until devs essential to multiple locations on side-by-side monitors to uncover the

difference. Color me very impressed. Check out these comparison screenshots to locate out by yourself. However, the gap is likely to be in case you log in, which you can do within the event you  join the closed beta starting on February 19th.


While the primary game has two million unique players every month, the old-fashioned version has exploded to 300K players. Turning 3 years old, this version that captures the essence of RuneScape inside the 2007 form (before major combat changes) is consistently draw players; the devs have seen

the number of players steadily increase. Because players reached this server to acquire a very special ”golden age” within the game, devs emphasized that it may be the players who determine what can or cannot be added. In fact, Product Manager Mat Kemp noted you will discover things that devs

wanted to add because were voted down, like the sailing skill! Even when using the vote must pass a much more than 75%, Kemp stated roughly 1,000 updates within the three years because this version launched; about 90% inside the items devs have propose qualifies.


Because inside the player power, not parts of the games may be compared, but Kemp assured the lore remains consistent between the primary MMO along with classic version. There are a number daily when old-fashioned players vote down things ideas within the primary game since it just doesn’t fit

using our planet they need. However, addititionally there is an instance where a concept from Classic may migrate over to the primary game: skilling pets.


So what has made the cut? New raids are incoming. So is a whole extra quarter for the sport world. Kemp also announced that Old School is heading full-steam into e-sports. New game modes and new rules are around the way together with 10 or even more hosted PvP tourneys. Each season finishes

served by a $10,000 tournament. The first tournament is slated for the Easter weekend.


Part within the event involved the premier inside the 90 minute documentary around the life of RuneScape. Although it isn’t available for the general public quite yet, I am sure most fans will have to visit this. There’s history inside the very beginning — we’re talking  way back once the Gower brothers

first dabbled in story and programming as kids — together with a reveal inside the iconic player that has been shrouded in mystery for a long time. Watch the trailer here, then keep your eyes peeled for the full release.


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