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RuneScape the utility updates for patch

Oct-25-2017 PST

Yesterday, we discussed the PvM & Skilling patch problem in RS, today we talk about the utility update part. And including the change to Obsidian Shield.


Utility update


1. Don’t have to go to Zanaris first and can select the destination on various fairy rings all over the game world with a right-click option.


2. There will be a Check Progress option added to Menaphos soul obelisks.


3. The skill name has been added to Strange rocks and Golden rocks.


4. Fully recharged scrimshaws will now stack in the bank.


5, The farmer's wander range away from the bank chest in the Meilyr district of Prifddinas has been adjusted.


The upcoming update, let us look forward to. In addition, there are some Obsidian Shield has changed. Now,the Obsidian Shield uses an older model Note: Requires level of defense 60, can not use any skills.


Ghostweave has returned from 00:00 on the 25th October to 23:59 on the 30th October. This time it bringing with the 6 old outfits and 10 new ones to weave. Halloween event is beginning, at rsgoldfast had more RuneScape gold for sale.


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Deadline: November 6th


Rsgoldfast Team