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RuneScape gets companion internet app for chatting

Dec-27-2013 PST

Jagex Games Studio's massively-multiplayer on-line role-playing game RuneScape received a companion internet app nowadays, that permits players to talk with their friends with no need to log into the total game.


Being an internet app, players will not have to be compelled to install it from associate app store. Instead, players will access it on their mobile, pill or computer by visiting the game's companion app page and work in exploitation their account details.


The web app current permits players to access Friends Chat, kindred Chat and personal Messages from the sport. a lot of options square measure expected to roll go in 2014.


The web app supports most golem devices and iPhone four upwards — full list are often viewed here. Jagex notes that the net app continues to be being worked on, thus it does not nonetheless perform faithfully on bound devices.


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