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RuneScape covert video reveals boss character development

Jan-29-2014 PST

When you face a vast foe in your favorite game, does one marvel what went into creating it? RuneScape has overhauled one if its earliest bosses and brought fans on for a glance at the artistic method during a new covert video.


The revamp of the large Mole Boss shows off the steps from conceptualization to animation to audio to unleash. The finished product of the team's efforts may be a nastier trying large Mole with fashionable boss mechanics, 2 issue modes, Associate in Nursingd an instanced habitation for each solo and cluster runs. And what boss overhaul would be complete while not new loot? Once players defeat this boss, they need the possibility to amass new rewards -- a mole that improves anti-dragon shields and desensitising roots that take away DoTs -- on prime of the initial things. Follow beside the revamp within the clip below.