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RuneScape charity initiative and the twelve days of PvM

Dec-08-2017 PST

RuneScape release two events in this 2 days。One is a new charity initiative and the other is the twelve days of PvM. Now lets know more about its.


RuneScape new initiative


RuneScape is trying a new initiative that allows players to round up payments to the next whole value and donate the excess to charities. However, RuneScape will be testing for few weeks and get your feedback before making the final decision. This means that, for the meantime, only some of you will have the option to give using this method. Every penny will be put towards to Jagex chosen charities and to supporting young people with their mental health. More detail you can click on forum.


The Twelve Days of PvM


In Christmas coming soon, the mightiest bosses in Gielinor come and join with your to celebrate together. If you are interested in joining, you did better going to the official RuneScape Forums, where you'll find a timetable for all twelve days and everything you need to know to take part.


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Have a wonderful day!


Rsgoldfast Team