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RuneScape Winter Weekend

Dec-19-2017 PST

The 2017 RuneScape Winter Weekend from Dec. 22 to Dec. 25.Have you make the most of mini games during the last RuneScape Winter Weekend?


From 12:00 GMT on Dec. 22 to 12:00 GMT on Dec. 25, 2017, you can enjoy the gathering and supporting skills. And there will be the following benefits offered in game.


Ø There will be 10% chance not to deplete uncharted isles resources when harvesting.


Ø Mining nodes and trees will supply twice as quickly.


Ø Divination: Once a wisp is activated, the Springs will last twice as long and enriched divination nodes will spawn every ten minutes.


Ø Fishing: Spots will move around half as frequently.


Ø Thieving: Pharaoh's Sceptre and Black Ibis outfit drops will be twice as likely at Pyramid Plunder.


Ø Dungeoneering: The tokens from regular Dungeoneering will be doubled and there will be no XP penalty on death.


Ø Hunter: One extra Orokami will spawn on uncharted isles.


Ø Agility: You will have a bigger chance to activate The Pit Minigame.


Take full advantage of the RuneScape Winter Weekends and good luck. Buy the cheapest RS gold before and during the Christmas Event 2017.


Wishing you a wonderful Christmas.


Rsgoldfast Team