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RuneScape Road Trip Starts 1st May

May-01-2014 PST

Head over to Burthorpe and chat to Challenge Mistress Fara, who'll give you the run-down of the how the road trip's going to work, and hand you your road trip journal. This lists 20 tasks, of which you can complete one per day throughout May.


We know May's a busy month for many of you, so we've made the RuneScape Road Trip accessible and flexible - you'll be able to enjoy it, even if your time is limited. The tasks are varied, fun, and you can complete them in any order you wish:


Complete a Dungeoneering floor.
Complete a Slayer assignment.
Complete a Treasure Trail.
Equip a full outfit of cosmetic gear.
Do a dance on every bridge over the River Lum.
Fletch 100 bows.
Smith 100 bars into anything.
Make 100 runes.
Burn 100 logs.
Complete a quest, or Tears of Guthix.
Rest for a minute.
Complete a full round of Heist.
Complete a full round of Castle Wars.
Run from Shantay Pass to Uzer without any waterskins.
Bury 100 bones in a graveyard.
Kill a demon, goblin, or goblin raid boss during a flash mob.
Survive in the Wilderness for 10 minutes.
Complete a round of the Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza minigame.