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RuneScape Recreated in prime Trumps type

Dec-03-2013 PST

Agex Games Studio, the developers and producers behind RuneScape, have declared their partnership with Winning Moves to supply its initial RuneScape themed prime Trumps card pack: Monsters of RuneScape. With twelve years of heritage to draw upon, the RuneScape development team asked the videogames’ most ardent players to assist choose the characters that ought to seem during this picture game.


Through a series of head-to-head votes that transpire on the RuneScape’s official web site, players were able to choose their favorite monsters and villains which can accompany the fifteen characters that have already been selectedElectronic Theatre Image by the event team.


Neil McClarty, international selling Manager for RuneScape commented: “We’re continuously searching for new and exciting ways in which to expand the RuneScape whole and convey the sport to new audiences. cathartic prime Trumps for RuneScape are some things that we've got been considering for a few time and we’re positive our players are as hooked in to this game as our development team are. RuneScape is incredibly player driven, therefore turning to our players to urge their feedback on the monsters to incorporate was the apparent selection for U.S. and that we can’t wait to visualize that characters are voted into Monsters of RuneScape.”


The Monsters of RuneScape prime Trumps deck are launching in time for Christmas and can be oversubscribed through the RuneScape on-line Store. Electronic Theatre can keep you updated with all the most recent details on the RuneScape videogame franchise.