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RuneScape Players can Quickly Transition from Legacy to EOC

Dec-22-2014 PST

RuneScape players can quickly transition from legacy to EOC and vice versa now. This RuneScape guide will detail how to alternate between EOC and legacy quickly.


First, you must be on a world that is not restricted to legacy or EOC, and not be in combat. Combat settings cannot be accessed while in combat.


When in Legacy, click on the settings tab (the hammer and wrench symbol and select powers from the row of symbols in the options menu that pops up. Selecting that will boot up the EOC combat screen with half of its options grayed over. There is a checkmark on the left side middle of the way down for Legacy mode. Uncheck that and close the window and you are in EOC. Alternatively, in the options menu, they can click the top button game settings instead of the powers button and then in the settings menu uncheck legacy in the upper left corner.)


To get from EOC to legacy, bring up the action bar if it is not already up, and right click on the gear on the right side. This opens a drop-down menu. Select to switch combat setting to legacy and it will switch right over.