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RuneScape Ocean Alliance

Jan-10-2018 PST

The first Treasure Hunter “Ocean's Alliance - The Archer” has been available in game. From now on to 23:59 UTC (game time) on Jan. 15, 2018, also you can gain 5 new cosmetic tokens to unlock the new outfits.


5 new kinds of token on Treasure Hunter, you can get in this promotion:


1) Ocean's Archer Bow token.


2) Ocean's Archer Head token.


3) Ocean's Archer Crossbow token.


4) Ocean's Archer Body and Hands token.


5) Ocean's Archer Legs and Feet token.


In the next few months, more Ocean’s Alliance cosmetic outfits will be added, with the Archer just the start. Hope you good luck! Need more Old School RuneScape Gold on


Enjoy the game!


Rsgoldfast Team