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RuneScape Invention Batch 2 has been updated

Sep-20-2017 PST

Earlier this month, we advance notice that upcoming update Invention Batch 2, and now finally come. Many of RS players get into the game to experience the Invention batch 2 ,including new invented machines ,12 new devices and others.At the same time,some Invention bugs, also encountered some problems.


Here is some RS Invention bugs have been fixed, the other will continue to repair, waiting for updates.


1. Killer ring can not be found.


2. Make-X keeps on past 27 and will drop items on the ground.


3. The sacred RuneScape does not apply to the rich wisdom.


4. Biting perk fails to work temporarily.


5. The pharmacy reservoir does not work properly.


6. Combat Dummy MKII drops other than destroying.


7.Spam potions can use through Onslaught.


8. Recharging, combat bracelet turns to the original.


RuneScape Invention bugs is going to become best and best, even if it still has some problems. If you encounter some other problems, please contact RS customer service as soon as possible. We hope you have a nice experience at RS, and you need any Cheap Runescape Gold service welcome to the


Enjoy your game!


Rsgoldfast Team