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RuneScape Game Within The Game Live Ffusion Twitch Achieve Simplification

Oct-10-2014 PST

The case of RuneScape has been combined with Twitch live so players do not need to open an external software when you can live during the game.


To celebrate the game with Twitch integration, its maker Jagex game company conducted four hours of live games on the copy guard by Spiderlord Araxxor new entrants in the game were explored.


Jagex game company also said that only RuneScape in the game combined with the ability to live in the future it's another one being tested online Transformers Universe OL will be added to the feature.


About the game live:

Currently live on the play of the game has become mainstream, many players sustain livelihoods in this way, or even get rich. However, not all games live players can do it, because it needs the support of powerful computer hardware and expensive broadcast equipment, and by Twitch combined with the game, making the process more simple live, I believe the future will there are many games draw on this practice.