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RuneLabs Your Ideas for 2017


RuneLabs Your Ideas for 2017

2016's well current, however we're already wondering huge updates that'll outline next year. that is why we've opened RuneLabs up for your concepts for 2017.


We're probing for your boldest, craziest, most game-changing concepts – the kind of updates that'll be polar in 2017's unharness schedule.


Rather than running a poll, we tend to'll be handpicking the highest concepts we receive. These are else to the RuneScape 2017 Survey, that is returning at the tip of might.


This is your probability to induce your concepts into RuneScape – to form a true distinction to the sport you're keen on, and have a hand in shaping 2017.


All RuneScape members will submit concepts currently. Get your thinking caps on!


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