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RuneLabs Reminder Vote for japanese Lands Content

Feb-06-2016 PST

Later this year, they're delivery you a replacement game space, the japanese Lands: as chosen by you in an exceedingly Player Power poll. This space are designed by you, and crammed with your concepts.


So the next step is to settle on what you’ll be doing in there! does one wish to be taking part in a pursuit, taking part in sailing activities, or increasing on the Player in hand Ports? Don’t feel restricted to those ideas: the selection very is yours.


Submit your concepts on the RuneLabs home-page. Here, you'll see a district referred to as “Current Criteria”. Post suggestions that fulfil the factors, or up-vote concepts that actually get you excited!


You have till fifteenth February to recommend and vote for this content. Then, the highest suggestions are affected to a Player Power poll, wherever the winner are determined. They can’t wait to urge to figure – thus hurry up and select it!


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