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RuneLabs Player Power space

Dec-28-2015 PST

Tomorrow, the open amount of RuneLabs can come back to an in depth, and that we can begin taking your ideas for the Player Power space, as proclaimed within the Updates of 2016 speech at RuneFest.


The new space is presently scheduled  for Summer 2016, therefore over consecutive few months there'll be many criteria set to assist establish a region of the sport world, new or existing, that you simply would really like United States to figure on and therefore the content that takes place there. assume we should always open up Menaphos? however concerning visiting a brand new island packed with dinosaurs, or diving right down to associate degree ancient town fathoms at a lower place the sea? It's entirely up to you.


Menaphos Fossil Island Underwater City


For the primary criteria returning tomorrow, we might such as you to come back up with the realm itself. Describe wherever it's, UN agency (if anyone) lives there, and what it's prefer to walk/swim/fly/crawl/climb through this new a part of the globe.


At this stage we have a tendency to are not taking suggestions for the content itself, therefore any ideas concerning what activities {you can|you'll|you may} be doing or the rewards you'd receive will got to wait. droop onto those till we have a tendency to update the criteria!


These criteria can run till the fifteenth of Gregorian calendar month, at that purpose we are going to poll the highest suggestions in-game. when the choice has been created, we'll raise you to work out the most activities that occur during this space. After that, we are going to open up RuneLabs for all alternative suggestions – everything from bureau backstories to look at text on rocks. The team can try and embrace as several suggestions as attainable, with a spotlight on the foremost supported ideas.


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Activity time: Dec 21st 2015 - Dec 28th 2015