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RuneFest Reveals Tickets Still Available

Aug-13-2016 PST

With RuneFest on its merry manner, here area unit four reasons why you completely ought to secure your price tag and be there on seventeenth September:


Discuss subsequent RS talent - that’s right, we‘ll be asking you guys what you would like from subsequent RuneScape talent. return on and be part of the discussion.


Meet your favorite streamers on the day and in an exceedingly live Q&A.


An hour of reveals regarding next year’s RS content- 2017 goes to be one euphemism of a year and, because of your contributions within the 2017 survey, we tend to area unit currently in an exceedingly position to share our plans with you.


Catch au courant the simplest content still to return out this year, as well as the Arc Chapter a pair of and Fate of the Gods a pair of - our mods love an honest recent chinwag and that we can’t wait to speak to you regarding the simplest of the remainder of 2016 as well as subsequent jap Lands steps

and beyond!


Tickets area unit still accessible for the event going down at Battersea Evolution in London on Saturday seventeenth Gregorian calendar month. inspect the price tag page for additional data.


There’s an evening before party, too. See the Night Before page for additional information, or get your hands on a combined price tag, as well as all access to the most event.


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