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RuneFest 2015 get Tickets currently

Jul-11-2015 PST

RuneFest 2015: Buy Tickets Now

Buy your RuneFest price ticket currently and find all-day access to the best RuneScape event of the year – all for simply £99!


From weekday next week, you will even be ready to get tickets, edifice rooms, Zemomarks (the RuneFest 2015 spending-money currency) and flights with RuneScape Bonds. remember that we have got a healthy proportion of tickets put aside for Bonds consumers, therefore you will get a price ticket in spite of your most well-liked payment sort.


RuneFest 2015's shaping up to be the easiest however – associate degree Invention-themed steampunk spectacle with an additional serving to of vampyric darkness.


Its 2 stages can have a jam-packed schedule: exclusive reveals, panel Q&As, and also the legendary Golden Gnome awards.


It's a time to appear forward to the superb content coming back over succeeding year. Most of all, though, it is a time for the full community to urge along and celebrate all things RuneScape.


We can't wait to fulfill you all and show you what we have got planned for succeeding year. Get your tickets currently, and take part the discussion over on the RuneFest forum.


Any questions? Take a glance at the RuneFest listing.

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