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RuneFest 2014 Tickets Sold Out


RuneFest 2014 Tickets Sold Out

The biggest, and most exciting event of the year is almost upon us, and we can now announce that tickets have sold out!


We’ve had an incredible response to the release of tickets to RuneFest 2014; they’ve been flying off the virtual shelves! Over 400 tickets have been purchased with Bonds and more than 100 hotel rooms have been booked – plus we’ve even organised 12 flights which have been paid for entirely by Bonds!


If you’ve bought your ticket, have you got your Crystal Coins yet? They are the official currency of RuneFest 2014 and you can get yours by redeeming a Bond in game and choosing 'Crystal Coin Packages'. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on what’s happening on the day – it’s coming!


Didn’t manage to get a ticket? Don’t worry! We’ll be live streaming the entire event from our Twitch channel on 11th October 2014.


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