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Rune Goldberg Machine About New Runecrafting Wizard Goldberg

Sep-16-2014 PST

Speak to Wizard Goldberg to get a quick tour of his prototype invention.


To get your daily helping of vis wax, you'll need to fill up the machine with three types of rune. You can put any type of rune into any of the slots - with the exception of Armadyl runes.


Putting different runes in different slots will yield differing amounts of vis wax when you click 'combine' on the interface. This amount changes daily, so you may wish to experiment first.


Experiment by filling up the machine with combinations of three runes. You'll see how much wax you would get with that combination, although if you try again the number or runes needed before clicking 'combine' will increase.


Each slot has a daily best-in-slot rune, determined randomly each day. Each slot also counts for a set proportion of the final amount of vis wax:

    Slot 1 is the same rune for every player, and counts for 30%.
    Slot 2 is one of three possible runes, and counts for 30%.
    Slot 3 is randomly assigned to each player, and counts for 40%.