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Rookie Runescape AoJian 2 New Challenge To Shock

Mar-18-2014 PST

Have you ever been suffering because of take and can't be somebody Runescape? This time "AoJian 2" new challenge will be to you wulin novice provides a shortcut to stand out, to fame, to help you in the shortest possible time of the earthquake wulin Runescape! However, not every novice players can join for the new game, players need to get good rankings in strict audition, can smoothly enter the race. Due to the promotion of the players, how can in numerous martial couple at a top.


AoJian 2 new auditions will begin with a variety of forms, limited-time monsters, treasure land, such as flying racing mode among them, all players will be free to choose duel mode on a 1 v1 single PK supremacy, each won a to get the corresponding points, the failure of a contour points, 10 players with the highest scores will succeed on promotion to the race. Trials of war in the spread, each aspiring rookie Runescape gaining momentum, a new man and PK between on the verge of explosive.


Ten little xia rubbing their hands, the god were only in an instant! AoJian 2, 10 are promoted to the new challenge of players will enter their own challenge, an unlimited, free of deadly wars. Wars, the player has no fixed target, there is no specific opponent, all the people on the ring will be your enemy! Then, jump, jump, attack, attack, such as way of PK is tie-in, will let you in a limited amount of time, the game will be arranged according to the number of players to kill rank order.


There is no such thing as a not good things come to an end, also points out the outcome no contest! Won the "AoJian 2" new challenge before the three players, will have the opportunity to obtain the characteristics of the first, second, no title Runescape. Among them, the top title Runescape most to force, its not only can provide players with a 30% bonus to all additional properties, also can let the players all the fighting skill of layers in a short period of time the rapid ascension. Not only that, honorary title of rookie Runescape, and may be more than the highest object, once you become a master apprentice, then your future wulin road is flat!