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Revamped Castle Wars strategy for Runescape player

Apr-16-2013 PST

Popular castle war games, get a new look, our team is not to be outdone: every impressive momentum, in each theme costumes, stage under the dark tunnel of the atmosphere and bitterly. More importantly, we have to live faithful core style, do you know so well, so no matter where you are on the wall or secretly a engineer, you will feel at home.

Dual currency system: castle wars tickets has been replaced with Runescape Gold and silver. Silver ticket to buy consumables, such as a crossbow, potions. You will get these in the game, so you will never be left empty-handed. Who's winning, however, will also get Runescape Gold, choose excellent kit can be used in the game.

Improve castle war armor: speaking of, we have greatly improved the castle war suit, can buy a gold ticket - deep armor, for example, now look NEX gear (castle) within the scope of the war. They also now armor "hybrid" style - great, if you like to mix spells and melee and ranged.

Usability improvements and updated interface shows you the status of the castle, the game score, there is a range of users often need to use the usability improvements:

Spawn in each room of the altar, and there is a simple way to complement your prayer, prayer points. Holmes can enter the arena now. Has reduced the waiting time and the number of people start the game, each team is now a 2. Damage or no buildings ballista no longer count. Barricade has already been added to the team colors. Catapult and crossbow damage has been adjusted. Frost spell now has a cross binding, binding time reduced, and on the stage, in crushing ability now has a 60% hit rate. Explosive can be added to the action bar. A powder keg can be picked up by multiple players. The waiting room for your stand in the bank is not in the same way. Castle war handbook has been updated. Bandages now provide more healthy.

Finally, cropping patterns complete cloak requirements have changed, so now say to Lanthus in deep armor is a set of complete performance. Cloak is to encourage you to participate in the castle wars and competitive, the requirement to play castle spirit of war, it is easier to achieve the purpose of. Castle into war, better prospective and a lot more fun than ever more easily. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or green, now it is time to prepare for war!