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Requirement for Dragon Slayer II OSRS

Oct-12-2017 PST

Today, the old school team made a request for Dragon Slayer II . The old school team want the players to complete all these requirements by the beginning of 2018, so players should be clear about these requirements. Even some people feel that the request is low,anyway, you’d better know them.


Requirement should achieve 200 Quest Points and complete 7 quests, including Legends’ Quest, Dream Mentor, Animal Magnetism, Ghosts Ahoy, Bone Voyage, Client of Kourend, and A Tail of Two Cats OSRS.


2.Have 50 Hitpoints and reach skill levels at Magic 75, Smithing 70, Mining 68, Crafting 62, Agility 60, Thieving 60, and Construction 50.


Opinions give the player


The skill levels would be between 80 and 90,it the better. Although this proposal many players said was difficult. but the Jmod said Dragon Slayer II OSRS is the first quest to have more than one skill requirement over level 70. and until now the 75 Magic requirement is the highest skill requirement for a quest. And some less than 10% of members have fulfilled the requirements.


Not much time, you'd better start the task right away, wish you all the best. In addition, you can give us feedback, what do you want any offers in Halloween? We are preparing. Thank you for your support, we will do it better.Here is cheap RuneScape 2007 gold for sale.


Rsgoldfast Team