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Release of Inferno Slayer Task and Reopened Tournament Worlds

Aug-04-2017 PST

Today brings the release of an Inferno Slayer task alongside the release of the Inferno and the increase of TzKal-Zuk. Tournament worlds will be reopened for the PvP Championship soon.


Inferno Slayer Task


The release of Inferno Slayer task will be more challenging and rewarding. You are able to get the chance to challenge TzKal-Zuk again if you have done TzHaar task successfully. What's more you also can get 100,000 Slayer xp from killing TzKal-Zuk and increase Jal-nibrek pet.


In the Inferno, the Slayer helmet damage and accuracy boosts will affect the task while Expeditious Bracelet and the Bracelet of Slaughter will not.


Reopened Tournament Worlds


Lauched alongside PvP Championship on 12th and 13th August, Tournament worlds will reopen in Worlds 408 and 409. Before release, you are able to select your stats freely and a wide range of equipment.


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Rsgoldfast Team