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Rechanges the Dimension of the Damned Finale time

Nov-04-2017 PST

RS fans note! Jagex has rescheduled the Dimension of the Damned Finale time, at 8:00 on November 4, yes is tonight reset, GMT November 18. The top 1000 players can log in the finale servers from 19:30 game time.




Time changes, rewards also change. Of course, Plus previous rewards.


Detailed Reward are as follows:


1. Top 1


a) 200M GP


b) Lifetime Membership (first year of Gold Premier package)


c) Unique Title - "King/Queen of the Damned"


d) Real-life Zombie Award


2. Top 5


a) An all expenses paid trip to visit Jagex


b) Gold Premier Club membership (for 2018)


3. Top 10


a) named on a statue in the normal world of RS (for 2 weeks)


b) One year of standard membership


4. Top 50


A special Dimension of the Damned-style pet in the main game


Hope you enjoy your game. Achieve good results no matter in Dimension of the Damned or OSRS King of the Skill. Finally, although Halloween has passed, but Halloween promotions continue.please buy RS gold here.November 6 coupon code: HAP5 still valid.


Good luck in your game


Rsgoldfast Team