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Ready for Deadman Autumn Season Final 6 Hours

Jul-07-2017 PST

On Saturday 8th 00:00 UTC, you can watch the tournament with top 2,000 players at RuneFest. Today's update brings the Deadman skull and tooltip.


Deadman skull is a helpful assistance of your deadman experience. Hovering over the Deadman skull, you can see how much combat XP cap you need to reach.


Tooltip is to show how far you are from regaining in the event of your demise and consequent loss of XP. When you regain lost XP, the rebuild XP rate will be 50x.


We have introduce 11 Deadman Seasonal worlds before. Now it has been reduced to five, including 92 (Australia), 101 (Eastern USA), 105 (Germany), 107 (UK) and 109 (Western USA). Jagex has made a convertion to existing Australian world to Deadman Seasonal based on player feedback.


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