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Raptor is Challenge Acheron Mammoths


Raptor is Challenge Acheron Mammoths

Raptor's Challenge | Acheron Mammoths

Prepare yourself for the fourth and final high-level mortal monster as a part of November's Raptor's Challenge: Acheron mammoths!


Head to Gielinor's frozen north together with your best gear to require on the Acheron mammoths!


Be sure to visualize them out on to create the foremost of the remaining double mortal XP!


Will you be brave enough to require them on? browse on for more details, or play now!


Where to seek out Acheron Mammoths

Use the new boat, north-east of Rellekka, by the rock crabs.


You must be a RuneScape member.

96 mortal is needed to hurt Acheron mammoths.

99 evocation is needed to use the new beast of burden.

100 combat is needed to be allotted Acheron mammoths by a mortal master.

Other info

Very high combat stats and your best gear area unit powerfully suggested.

Beware of their charge, and fight with honour!


Acheron Mammoths were a wonderful RuneLabs suggestion created by Adelunth and can be the last mortal mob to be additional to Raptor's Challenge.


Start by travel to the coast north-east (and outside) of Rellekka, north of the permanent magnet. By the rock crabs, you will find 2 boats: use the larger one to sail to AN ancient iceberg, wherever you’ll discover a herd of Acheron mammoths.


These territorial beasts can cause a true threat to any adventurer World Health Organization dares to face them. If they need you in their sights, get out of the approach quick or you will see 9 a lot of tusks, bones and fur coming back for you with their charge attack!


Survive a fight with them and you'll be awarded with a mammoth tusk which may be wont to summon a baby pack mammoth (99 evocation required). they will be tiny, however they are the simplest beasts of burden within the game, holding a walloping thirty two slots of mammothy haulage!


Make positive you keep AN eye out for that fourth and final key part! Piece your keys along and – finally - redeem your loot from Raptor's chest. It's packed to the brim with Slayer-related goodies – and additional – thus take care to pop the lock if you can!


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