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RS Important Events for the next three months

Jan-08-2018 PST

2018 has arrived, we will tell what happens to RuneScape this year. You will know about the first update in January, RuneScape Double XP Weekend in February and Boss Solak coming in March. Here is more some detail.


In January


From January 9, with the first update in 2018. In the update,, Jagex is going to make two existing Stalker Creatures (level 71 & 99)slayable freely in a new dungeon beneath Daemonheim, for whoever has completed Dishonour Among Thieves, and these two Stalkers should be RuneScape Seeker (requiring Slayer 71) and Soulgazer (requiring 99 Slayer) . What is more, there the pet to earn and new, high-tier arrows to fletch and loot.


In February


The RuneScape Double XP Weekend will take place from the 23rd to the 26th. So you don't miss its.


In March


Boss Solak one of the strongest in-game bosses will coming. The top-tier boss aimed at groups of seven, requiring the best group work and skill. The fight is expected to have “multiple health bars” in each phase along with sub-attacks that it will use alongside normal and special attacks.

In short, the next three months in 2018 are full of expectations and surprises. and what else do you look forward to the most with RuneScape Year Ahead 2018? In addition, you can enjoy the RS Anniversary Cake right now for RuneScape has been 17 years old. More RS gold for sale on


Enjoy your game!


Rsgoldfast Team