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Quests versus miniquests

Jun-21-2016 PST

Tales of the Arc are going to be the most narrative content within the region. it absolutely was clear ahead of time that the majority of development time on this project would have to be compelled to enter truly building the celebrated islands of the Arc region. Filling them with factors to try to to

then became succeeding most significant thing, to offer players reason to stay going back there. making a full-length quest on prime of that simply wasn't possible, thus we tend to opted to instead produce variety of 'mini' quests.


In structure, they're easier than a full-blown quest, centering additional on character and story than custom-made  set-pieces, puzzles and boss fights. additionally to Impressing the Locals, we're about to have one Tale per inhabited  island, tho' not essentially focussed on every island.


So what number islands are going to be coming back with July's update, and that ones? Well, your 1st port of decision in Gregorian calendar month goes to be Waiko (a mercantilism hub), beside Whale's mouth (a haven for fishermen) and Aminishi (home of the Acolytes of Seiryu – see below for

additional on them).


This means, for July, we're about to have 3 more miniquests set within the Arc region correct. the opposite four locations – Tuai Leit, Goshima, organic phenomenon (you'll have to be compelled to discover this one in Ports first), and therefore the Islands that after were Turtles – can arrive in Oct.

That unharness can probably bring another 3, and we're considering a final one to make a part of this year's day update. that is up to eight miniquests in total in situ of 1 or 2 regular quests, tho' the ultimate variety and distribution is, of course, still subject to alter.


In the future, all over again of the Wushanko Islands are engineered, we've got little question that they're going to be home to full-length quests. lots of the initial stories are going to be on a additional personal level (the japanese Lands is free from the influence of gods, however it is not while not its

own problems).


Also, Mod Stu clearly lost the 'mini' half once he worked on his quest. The internally titled 'headquest' (one of July's miniquests) is on the longer facet. Bad Stu, bad.

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