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QBD Fire wall skill explanation for Runescape

May-23-2013 PST

Runescape QBD will bend your head back, sent a wave of fire, the system will remind you "in red font the queen black dragon takes a huge breath fire sea" will have an opening, from the opening, through the will from harm, if fire waves by you you will be two 750 damage (if no fire prevention measures will damage from two 2500).

Will be used in phase 1 ~ 4, phase 1 a, 2 two phase, phase three and four

Coping skills: if hand faster, from passing through the opening, if the time is not enough, please directly through the sea of fire! You stood there, let the fire waves by words will hurt twice, if you run far wave will be affected by one or from harm! Heat wave is not terrible, terrible is QBD wave in the use of fire demons used during the time - stop, chaotic cloud and other skills. Wave fire mouth, if fire waves of QBD make more than 1 times, each time different waves of the open fire.