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Puzzles To RuneScape Old

Jul-14-2014 PST

RuneScape old challenges players with daily puzzles to pass the summer excuse to try a version of the MMORPG partly frozen in 2007.


If MMORPG studio Jagex continues to evolve updates and versions to be called today RuneScape 3, some players prefer to play on nostalgia with a version dating back to 2007. RuneScape old offers and graphics and mechanical at the time, while surveys are regularly consult with the community to determine the content that will be added to this specific version.


However RuneScape old will try to remain relevant, including proposing a new animation for the summer. The summer ritual not taking place as expected, the Druids will require the assistance of players to solve this mystery, through a series of daily puzzles. Among the awards, a Druidic crown will adorn the players coming to the end of these puzzles.