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Protean Logs on Runescape Treasure Hunter


Protean Logs on Runescape Treasure Hunter

Load up on new protean logs this weekend! These stackable supplies can be used to train Firemaking or Fletching, or turned into protean planks for Construction training – perfect when working on your aquarium. From 00:00 UTC (game time) on the 24th of April until 23:59 UTC on the 27th of April, protean logs will be available on Treasure Hunter.


If Construction's what you're after, take your protean logs to a sawmill to change them to protean planks for 5 coins each. If Firemaking or Fletching takes your fancy, simply click the logs and choose what to train. If you'd like to train both at the same time, first select the Fletching option then 'Fletch and Burn' to split your XP gain between both skills. Note that you can train on 60 logs or planks before you must click again and restart the process. You can make up to 500 planks at a time.


As a bonus, other protean items on Treasure Hunter have been replaced with protean packs this weekend. These let you choose the items you'd like, giving you more freedom in your skill training. We've made some improvements to existing protean items:


Protean bars:
    Now available to free players
    Greater ease of use with the portable forge

Protean traps:
    Now work in instanced hunting areas
    Quicker to deploy and redeploy
    Quicker to attract creatures
    Longer lasting
    Can yield strange rocks and golden rocks on success
    Improved inventory icon


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