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Premier Club get currently

Dec-04-2015 PST

Premier Club | Buy Now

Premier Club is on the market now! make the most of those limited-time membership bundles and grab plenty of exclusive extras, all whereas enjoying 2016's RuneScape content: Invention, God Wars Dungeon a pair of, Sliske's Endgame and additional.


Go Gold and you get a full year's membership and everything below:


    Mahjarrat aura daily combat and divine location boosts, and a five hundredth boost once per month*.
    Mahjarrat outfit full cosmetic override set, with transformation play
    Four steel overrides supported past RuneScape logos
    Postie Pete companion pet
    150,000 Loyalty Points
    Retro transport animation
    +1 daily Treasure Hunter Key
    Classic Dance play
    Classic Joy play
    Important person World Access
    Important person Premier Club Forum
    In-Game Chat Badge
    Forum Badge
    Exclusive Q&As
    All pre-paid card promotional things – 2016


Please note that the five hundred boost isn't obtainable to iron man players.


If you are a subscriber already, you'll get pleasure from Premier Club's edges while not cancelling your subscription. Your next rebill date can merely acquire once your Premier Club membership is over.

Not sure regarding committing to a full year? No drawback – strive Bronze or Silver. These area unit three or half dozen month packages, each as well as the aura, and additional - see the Premier Club page for full details. If you discover yourself wanting the entire package, you'll upgrade to Gold later.


Premier Club is on the market currently, till the top of January. get currently and you will be set for RuneScape's best year nevertheless.


Read the FAQ if you've got any queries, and allow us to grasp your thoughts over on the forums.


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