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Pick Up Skilling Outfit Pieces To Make Elite Skilling Outfits

Jul-05-2017 PST

Treasure Hunter activity is back! There is a six-day Elite Skilling Outfits waiting for you. At this time, you can buy cheap rs gold with 5% code "tom" on Rsgoldfast.


Six-day Elite Skilling Outfits


From 00:00 UTC on 5th July until 23:59 UTC on 10th July, you can pick up skilling outfit pieces on Treasure Hunter, then combine them to make Elite Skilling Outfits.


There are different types for the first five days, including Ethereal (Runecrafting), Shark (Fishing), Divine Simulacrum (Divination), Camouflage (Thieving) and Gorajo (Dungeoneering). On July 10, you can get any of the five outfit types.


After you create all five pieces of the outfits and wear together, you can get a large lamp or large star for the skill represented by that day's outfit. But on July 10, you can get a large XP star or lamp for any of the skills.


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