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Pest Control Play RuneScape Now Or Read On For More Information

Jul-03-2014 PST

Pest Control just got a whole lot more rewarding, with higher XP returns per commendation – now including Summoning - patches to bolster your Void Knight armour, and more. There’s also Jessika’s sword – an off-hand companion to Korasi’s sword – buyable with commendations by those who’ve completed The Void Stares Back. With a range of graphical and quality-of-life improvements too, now’s the perfect time to rejoin the Void Knights’ vigil.


How to Start

If you’ve never tried Pest Control, it’s a safe, co-operative combat minigame where you’ll help the Guthixian Void Knights drive back a relentless assault of otherworldly creatures known as the void pests.


To win, you’ll need to destroy four portals that the pests are using to enter Gielinor, or keep a stationary, vulnerable Void Knight alive for 20 minutes by fighting off attackers and repairing defensive structures.


To start, you’ll need at least combat level 50. Speak to the Void Knight squire at Port Sarim docks, or right-click her and select ‘travel’.


You’ll then be taken to the Void Knight Outpost, where you can get on one of three ships – requiring level 50, 100 and 150 combat respectively – which will take you to increasingly difficult versions of the game.


The higher the level of the version you pick, the more commendations you’ll earn to spend on rewards, should you win.