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Open Chests to Receive Oddments on Treasure Hunter

Aug-02-2017 PST

This week, you are able to get more prizes from Alice's old treasures. What's more, you can buy cheap rs gold with a series of discounts on Rsgoldfast.


When is Oddments available?


From Aug 2nd until Aug 7th, you will receive prizes and Oddments when opening chests. This Oddments can be used to get more amazing items.


What prizes can you get?


Several prizes can be exchanged to little trinkets, including more Treasure Hunter keys and rewards from past community events, such as the Sword of Raddallin, Energised Arm Cannons and the Mystical Staff. From Oddments store, you also can get the Silverhawk Boots (members only) and the Spring Cleaner at no cost.


When you get the prize from chests, you can check how many Oddments you will receive from interface. If you have any unwanted prizes, you can cash them into Oddments to use in the reward shop.


Note that cashing leftover oddments is only available until 14th August. And during this event, all lamps and stars will be replaced with their prismatic counterparts.


Anyway, you can buy cheap rs gold with 3% extra gold "SP3EG" or 5% off "RSSP5" on Rsgoldfast.


Rsgoldfast Team