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Old School Runescape starts its third year with free to play content

Feb-21-2015 PST



Old School Runescape is 2 years recent. however it’s extremely alittle older, provided that it’s a resuscitate of the 2007 version of the MMO. Work thereon is continual, with weekly updates, voted for by the players themselves. Apparently one factor old skool players extremely needed was free-to-play content, and to celebrate the day of remembrance, Jagex is giving them simply that.


Like the regular version of Runescape, free-to-play content can sit aboard the membership stuff. Membership bonds, another feature voted for by the community, also will mean that players pays for his or her membership mistreatment in-game currency, not in contrast to EVE on-line and Runescape correct.


The vote passed with eighty six p.c of participants in favour of the update. however it’s one thing that Jagex already needed to try to to.


"Ensuring old skool Runescape’s future health was overriding, and that’s why we have a tendency to felt it necessary that any introduction of liberated to Play was attended with the introduction of Bonds,” Neil McClarty, Runescape’s promoting director. told United States of America these days. “They’ve been an enormous success within the main version of Runescape, permitting players to purchase membership with their in-game gold. we have a tendency to believe with each additions to old skool RuneScape, the sport can still thrive and grow very like its older relation.”


Old School’s received a hundred updates since it initial began, one or two of years agone. Jagex’s goal, says VP Phil Mansell, was to permit players to direct the course of the sport.


"W]e needed to form positive that our players may still direct the form of the sport, whereas not losing any of the standard charm they wanted. Here we have a tendency to square measure, a hundred updates later, and close to launch a brand new business model for old skool primarily based upon the suggestions and feedback of our players. It’s nice to examine such collaboration fuelling the continuing success of old skool Runescape that incorporates a nice future prior it.”